New iPhones are gathering great reviews

New iPhones are gathering great reviews

Reviewers and creators from around the world are weighing in on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Here are some of their early reactions and images:
“iPhone 11’s Night mode is great. It works, it compares extremely well to other low-light cameras and the exposure and color rendition is best in class, period.”
The Verge
“[iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max] are some of the most well-balanced, most capable phones Apple — or anyone — has ever made. They have excellent battery life, processors that should keep them relevant for years to come, absolutely beautiful displays and a new camera system that generally outperforms every other phone, which should get even better with a promised software update later this fall.”
“Apple’s deep software paired with the camera hardware is what sets the iPhone 11 Pro cameras apart and makes zooming between the three cameras feel so smooth.”
“The best new feature here is Night mode, which pretty impressively brightens dark photos … it’s automatic in low-light settings. You can even use it as a flashlight. When you shine it at something dark, the screen will display it with more light than you can see with your own eye.” 
“And this time, Apple made the deal even sweeter. Thanks to some under-the-hood improvements, a new camera and its $699 starting price, you’re getting more of what matters for slightly less.”
Tom’s Guide
“The iPhone 11 represents a big leap forward for photography, thanks to a new ultra-wide lens and a new Night mode for better low-light performance. Apple has also upped the ante with greater video-recording quality while also delivering superb battery life.”
“For the video-takers of the world, all three iPhones will let you record 4K video at 60 frames per second. That’s some crisp, high-res stuff with impressively smooth motion. And the editing tools Apple gives you let you alter, chop and correct video just like you would a photo. Another cool feature lets you transition cleanly from a photo-taking scenario to a video-taking scenario.”
“These cameras work together to capture portrait pictures, which I still love to use for snaps of my dog, Mabel. Lots of other cameras do this now, but Apple remains one of the best at getting it right.”
CES Round Up

CES Round Up

As thoughts of Christmas fade away, and the wrapping paper, Christmas tree and assorted sundries are all recycled, our thoughts turn to…

Yes, as winter sets in one thing is always certain than the beginning of a Bridget January. And, it’s the annual trip to Las Vegas for the annual consumer electronics show, referred to as CES.

The CES show years to be a place where dealers and vendors got together at the beginning of the year in order to show off the latest electronics, computers and other various sundry consumer products that we would be seeing in the coming year. I used to attend those shows as a buyer for an electronics firm.

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KitchenAid Smart Home Display

KitchenAid Smart Home Display

Since the advent of the smart phone, CES has turned into hey nonstop barrage of new and “exciting” technology. As one may think, what could possibly be shown this year that was different than last year?

So who are the winners this year at CES? What new products will be in your pocket, your purse, or your living room in the coming year? And what trends has CS identified as the most desirable of the items for the coming year.?

One fun thing about CES, is seeing just want out ranges and flamboyant devices Cannon thrall the throngs visit the show every year. What we’re this year’s big winners?

The interesting thing about the CES show is not the products that you see, it’s the products that actually make it to market. Many products never see the light of day after much brouhaha over their concept and invention. Remember CES is a public relations event as much as it as a tradeshow.

So let’s find a few items that will make our wallets thinner this year:

LG's giant rollup TV

LG's giant rollup TV

The product that was talked about the most at this year CES was LG’s gigantic foldable TV set. LG has managed to create a 75 inch flat panel screen that literally on roles from its base when you needed, and then gracefully hides within its own cabinet with built-in speakers when you don’t. While the technology display was impressive, Price and specifications were sorely lacking. It’s expected that you will need a second mortgage if you want to enjoy this TV.

The Smart Home was all over CES this year, with major manufacturers such as Google, Amazon, and host of others integrate their technologies into every product you can think of. Smart displays from companies you may have never thought of such as the Kitchenaid Smart display which puts the Google assistant at your fingertips in your kitchen.

Curiously, one company managed to create one the most exciting Announcements of the entirety of CES without actually being there themselves.

Apple, which notoriously avoids product publicity that it cannot control itself, made an announcement at the beginning of CES that quickly permeated its way throughout the halls. Apple is moving its airplane to technology as well as its apple music service to almost every smart TV manufacturer in the world. Apple has been known for keeping its technology proprietary in the hopes of users embracing its ecosystem of products.

But in 2019, the major delivery method for most of our entertainment will be screaming services. Besides Apple music, Apple plans this year to start its own video streaming service. Apple has tipped its toes in the water before, but this year’s major initiative is the launch of an Apple entertainment service akin to Amazon prime or Netflix. Assuming this is true, Apple wants to be sure that every device out there and has the ability to carry this service.

CES is one of the largest tradeshows in the world, attracting approximately 200,000 viewers per year. And despite the Christmas hangover and January freeze,  I am glad I can avoid the crowds and report on CES from the comfort of my cubicle.