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iKenosha blends the best of local information, community calendaring, event promotion, and business spotlighting together in a package meant for quick consumption, modern programming, and participatory journalism.

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Matt Geary and Man About Town Tim Dollmeyer

It seeks to engage its users by presenting information in new ways, highlighting the varied and interesting angles of the community while providing solid information from trusted sources.

Surveying the local media landscape leaves much to be desired. The decline in the strength of traditional print advertising has left the marketplace bereft of choices when trying to promote Kenosha business aspirations.

Local radio isn’t Local, the local daily newspaper offers fewer choices to a dwindling audience and the cable  market is in decline as younger demographics cut the cord, fragmenting an already shrinking market.  or switch alternate   delivery systems.

iKenosha strives to solve that problem by offering engaging content to the  local market, encouraging communities of media consumers to participate in the content presented.

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