Mike Bjorn was a friend to me and to the Man About Town show. With the news of his passing, we're re-releasing the Mike Bjorn's episode in its fullness. When you watch it, you'll see that Mike loved art, music, and anything that was a bit different. Mike made an indelible mark on Downtown Kenosha, and we honor his memory.

Mike Bjorn's Fine Clothing

The term “haberdashery” seems to be experiencing a resurgence lately, so it’s very fitting that we stopped in to Mike Bjorn’s Men’s Clothing store – a true haberdashery by any standard. Mike Bjorn’s, smack dab in the middle of downtown Kenosha, has been selling men's’ clothing and accessories, as well as renting tuxedos, since 1982.

Mike Bjorn, founder of Mine Bjorn's Fine Clothing

Mike Bjorn, founder of Mine Bjorn's Fine Clothing

At Bjorn’s, you’ll find everything from formal to flamboyant, from the serious to the whimsical – the store itself leaning heavily toward the whimsical. What started out as a means for a young man and his wife to make ends meet while not having to work for “the man”, became a local institution.

That Mike Bjorn is an artist and musician at heart can be seen throughout the store. You can’t miss the walls covered with photos of musicians and celebrities from the past and present. But you have to look up...that’s where you see the truly fun stuff. Hanging, like mobiles, you’ll see fighter jets, horses, and vintage aviation.

Mike & Judy are now semi-retired, and their son Brett now runs the place. Brett has kept the fun atmosphere, and is expanding the inventory to satisfy the up and coming fashion appetites: hats, casual shirts, the largest selection of ties and cummerbunds you’ve ever seen, and socks...oh boy the socks...

While you’ll find plenty of amusing suits and jackets on the main floor, it’s the basement that holds the gems... From truly eccentric tuxedos, to vintage - and I mean “checkered, polyester, lapels-so-wide-that-they should-have-their-own-zip-code" vintage.

So yes, come to Mike Bjorn’s to buy that new suit for your interview, or to rent – or buy – that tuxedo you need for your wedding or prom. But, really, carve out some extra time to take a look around and have some fun.

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