On the corner of the two main streets in downtown – 56th street and 6th Avenue – sits the oldest high end restaurant in Kenosha. Wine Knot, a hip wine bar and bistro, has seen the rise, stall, and re-invigoration of downtown, and, really, of Kenosha itself. Here, you’ll find fine food with great service, a selection of over 50 wines by the glass or bottle, and a growing menu of craft cocktails. 

The folks at Wine Knot have created a fun atmosphere, where food, drinks, ambiance – whether you dine inside or outside – all come together for a memorable experience.  If you buy a bottle of wine, be sure to deposit your cork in the appropriate receptacle on the ceiling.

In this episode, I sit down with Brian Haberski, executive chef and general manager, and Andy Bilski, the bar manager, to discuss cuisine and cocktails in Kenosha.

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